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This weather station is situated at 50 deg 54 min North and 4 deg 6 min west close to Donnacroft playing fields on the outskirts of Great Torrington, north Devon, England.


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Welcome to my new look weather station information pages.  After three years service I have replaced my weather station.  This is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 with an additional solar instrument which measures solar radiation.  This is displayed as W/m2 - those of you who are potentially interested in fitting PV solar panels may be interested in this instruments output.

The station collects data all the time and transmits it back to the base every two and a half seconds.  This is then saved into a data logger which holds approximately 90 days of information.  Every ten minutes the software downloads the latest data and makes it into the graphic displays you see on the web pages.  This is then uploaded to the remote server.

The new station is much more accurate than the previous one.  For instance, the previous one measured rainfall to the nearest whole millimetre whilst the new one measures to point two (0.2mm) of a millimetre.




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